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Terry Luttrell
Lead Vocals

Terry was a founder member of REO Speedwagon - lead vocalist on their first album, REO Speedwagon in 1971. He was replaced by Kevin Cronin in 1972.


Terry Luttrell was replaced as REO Speedwagon's lead vocalist after recording REO's first album, and hooked up with Starcastle, another act out of Champaign, Illinois. Like many bands (including REO), Starcastle's initial de rigueur could be distilled into two components: play lots of cover songs and get as many gigs as you can.

Starcastle's turning point was the serendipitous result of an unfortunate accident: a truck carrying all of the band's gear was involved in a horrible wreck and guitarist Steven Hagler suffered a broken back. Returning with new-found resolve, Starcastle made a risky decision to give up their previous existence and perform original material instead. Their change of direction proved positive and Starcastle went on to record four albums: 1976's Starcastle, 1977's Fountains Of Light and Citadel, and finally 1978's Reel to Real.

Often compared to Yes and other progressive rock bands of the period, Starcastle's music favors movements over the traditional verse-chorus-bridge arrangements typical in rock 'n roll. Hence, Starcastle's sound is very different from the socio-politically aware, raw, hard-rocking music featured on REO Speedwagon's first album, despite a singer common to both bands. Starcastle's self-titled debut album (Epic / 33914) is still in print on compact discs today, and can be special ordered at most record stores.


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