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Styx, REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent in Alpharetta, GA
May 21, 2012
by Dan harr

Classic super rockers Styx, REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent made a stop on their joint tour at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Alpharetta, GA, where they all performed for a packed house of fans. Detroit Rocker Ted Nugent opened the show, hitting all the notes perfectly on his many hits. Following him was REO Speedwagon, who have maintained their star rocker status for over four decades. Closing the show was Tommy Shaw and Styx, who rocked the house with their chart topping hits. It was a night enjoyed by all in attendance, who mostly stayed on their feet throughout the show, singing along to their favorites. Music News Nashville was on hand to capture the evening in photos.

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In Pictures: REO Speedwagon in The Woodlands, TX
May 17, 2012

As of last week, rock veterans REO Speedwagon -- Kevin Cronin (vocals, guitar), Dave Amato (lead guitar), Bruce Hall (bass), Neal Doughty (keyboards) and Bryan Hitt (drums) -- are on the road with the "Midwest Rock N' Roll Express" tour across parts of North America.

Prior to the outing, Cronin gave a statement to the press, saying, "I am a Midwest boy, born and raised with Midwest values.... In the Midwest we work hard, play hard and rock hard." Fans can catch the tour on Thursday (5/17) at Charlotte, NC's Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. The 26-city trek, which also features Styx and Ted Nugent, is slated to wrap in early July.

SoundSpike photographer Eric Sauseda was among the guests with permission to take pictures during REO Speedwagon's performance at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands, TX, and here are some of his best shots.
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PHILIPPINE TIMES (bi-weekly Los Angeles newspaper geared at the Filipino community): Secured live r
May 17, 2012

PHILIPPINE TIMES (bi-weekly Los Angeles newspaper geared at the Filipino community): Secured live review of the 5/6 Los Angeles show by Raul Balboa. Run date: May 10-16 issue.

Saturday Night: Styx & REO Speedwagon At The Woodlands
May 15, 2012
by Chris Gray

When dinosaurs roamed the earth, Saturday night in America was a pretty awesome place to party.

Considering how many times both Styx and REO Speedwagon must have been through Houston, this weekend's stop on their tandem "Midwest Rock N' Roll Express" tour couldn't help but feel haunted by the ghosts of Arrowfests past. Both bands are hard-rock groups that scored their biggest success with disgustingly maudlin radio-friendly power ballads, and both stubbornly refuse to acknowledge themselves as relics from another era.

Well into their second or even third generation of fans, why should they? The way the three kids in Styx shirts behind me, who couldn't have been older than ten or 11, were playing air drums during REO Speedwagon's set, both bands' appeal could be as strong as it ever was.In keeping with their origins as a scrappy college-town bar band in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, REO is mostly hung up on girls, one way or another: Can't live with them ("Time for Me to Fly," "Back on the Road Again") or without them ("Can't Fight This Feeling," "Keep On Lovin' You"). Besides learning some wicked lessons from ZZ Top and Deep Purple, it's remarkable how many of their songs contain commands in the title: "Don't Let Him Go," "Take It On the Run," "Keep On Pushin'."

It would be incorrect to call them naifs, because any band that can write from such a bitter place as "Take It On the Run" knows just how cruel the world can be, but REO hasn't lost a certain sense of small-town wonder. "Golden Country," one of the oldest songs they played Saturday, brought the crowd to its feet when the LED screen showed the Stars and Stripes. Later, singer Kevin Cronin brought astronaut Col. Douglas Wheelock onstage to thank him for bringing an 8-track of Hi Infidelity to the International Space Station in a moment that... sorry, it was just cool.
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Concert review: Styx, REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent bring hit after hit to the Greek Theatre
May 7, 2012
by Los Angeles Daily News

A generation ago, teenagers everywhere loved rock bands Styx and REO Speedwagon.
It's 2012, we're still around getting old and gray, and both bands still performed spectacularly under a full moon Sunday before a capacity crowd at the Greek Theatre.
Who would have thunk? The critics and "cool people" never liked such "faceless" acts as Styx and REO Speedwagon back in the day -- despite the multiplatinum records, hit radio songs and sold-out arena tours -- but there they were both at the Greek performing a stream of well-executed classic hits as the place went wild.
Styx guitarists Tommy Shaw and James Young and part-time bassist Chuck Panozzo (who joined for the last few songs) are holdovers from the group's heyday, and Shaw was in an especially good mood. "It's always great to be playing the Greek -- and not just because my house is five minutes away!" Shaw told the crowd.
Shaw had his best moments on "Foolin' Youself," "Blue Collar Man" and "Renegade," and Young kicked ass on "Miss America" and "Lorelei."
Keyboardist/vocalist Lawrence Gowan, who joined in 1999 as a replacement for Dennis DeYoung, sounded like a god on "Grand Illusion," "Lady" and a stirring rendition of "Come Sail Away" that saw confetti stream down onto the crowd.
There were nearly 6,000 in attendance, and all of us liked Styx more than the Sex Pistols when we were growing up, though we did not want to admit so at the time for fear of being beat up by a punk rocker. Well, we're still here, Styx is still here, and that was reason enough to pump our fists in the air and sing along to every chorus. REO Speedwagon went over well, too. Like Styx, the fivesome hails from Illinois but now makes its home in Los Angeles, and singer Kevin Cronin proved he meant business right away by starting off with "Take It on the Run."
A memorable hit was never more than a few minutes away, as REO Speedwagon pumped its way through "Can't Fight This Feeling," "Pushin' On," "Time for Me to Fly," "Ridin' the Storm Out" and, of course, "Keep on Loving You."
The sun was still out when Ted Nugent opened. The 63-year-old guitarist does not have as many familiar songs but got a good response with "Hey Baby," "Cat Scratch Fever," "Stranglehold" and a few others.
Outspoken as always, Nugent came off as a bit of a braggart after announcing his was the tightest band in the world, then later this was the greatest song in the world, then this is greatest guitar riff in the world, etc. Hey Ted, then why are you billed third?
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